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We accept children for enrollment from birth through 5-years of age. There are four steps of the enrollment process, which are outlined below:


A one-time non-refundable registration fee of $150.00 for the first child and $75 for each additional child is due to hold a place. The registration fee must be paid each time the child is enrolled, including if the child is withdrawn for a vacation of 3 or more weeks.

Preschool Price/Tuition

Tuition may be paid monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Payments for must be paid on Friday in advance of the tuition period. Monthly payments are due on the first of each month. Invoices will be sent by email on a weekly basis and for your convenience may be paid online by bank transfer or credit card(for an additional fee). Payments by check, payable to Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center, may be left in classroom tuition envelopes. All cash payments must be paid in the office where you will be given a receipt.

Tuition Schedule

Your child’s tuition rate is determined by her/his program placement, the number of days attended each week and the number of hours attended each day. Tuition prices are indicated on the enrollment contract. Families who have a varying schedule will pay a slightly higher tuition rate. Because program rates differ, tuition will change on the child’s birthday even if the child has been involved in transition to a new program prior to that time. (For example, a child at 3 years 9 months of age is attending Honey Bear program and the director and teacher has determined that s/he is developmentally ready to begin visiting the Bear Clubs. The parents will continue to pay the Honey Bear tuition rate throughout the transition period until the child’s fourth birthday)

  1. Part-time Programs:
    Children attend less than five days a week, but no less than three days per week. Minimum daily attendance is 4 hours each day and maximum is 10 hours. To receive part-time tuition rates, the contract must remain in effect for 90 days.
  2. Full-time Programs:
    Children must attend five days per week, Monday to Friday. Minimum attendance is 4 hours each day and the maximum is 10 hours each day. To receive full-time tuition rates, the contract must remain in effect for 90 days.
  3. Varying Schedule Programs:
    Varying tuition rates were designed to accommodate families who needed to change their contracts more frequently than 90 days. Varying schedules may be changed as often as once a week. Schedules are due into the office no later than Friday morning in advance of the attendance week. If a child will not be at school for a week, there will be a minimum charge which is three 4 hour days at the varying schedule rate.

Late Fees

All tuition for the following week are due by 6:00 PM on Friday. Payments made after the close of business on Friday are subject to a $25.00 surcharge added to the family’s account. If payment is not received by the following Thursday, the family will be suspended for non-payment of tuition until all charges are paid.

Returned Checks

There is a $25.00 fee when checks are returned from the bank without payment.

Extra Time Policy

Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center uses the children’s enrollment contract hours to properly staff classrooms and maintain teacher-child ratios. If the arrival and departure times listed on your child’s contract are exceeded, you will be charged for the extra time. Such charges can be avoided by planning ahead. If you see that you are running late, call an authorized person to pick up your child. Also, call the center office to let us know your plan. If your contract hours are exceeded, charges will be added to the statement.

Part-time families may arrange for extra days. Extra days will be charged at the part-time daily rate for the number of hours requested in advance by the parent.

Payments during Absenteeism and Vacations

The school operates on an annual budget based on an annualized tuition rate that is divided into weekly payments. We try to provide the highest quality program on a budget comprised on the lowest possible weekly rate. In order to do this, no credit can be given for absenteeism or vacations.

Child Care Tax Credit Information
IRS #2441 cites a direct credit for childcare expenses if both parents work or if one parent is a full-time student. Call the IRS for more information.

Tax Identification Number

Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center’s Tax Identification Number is located on the tuition statement printout. If you are having trouble locating the number, please call the office and we will be happy to give you our tax id-number.

Nutritional Policies

The Center serves one morning and two afternoon snacks to the children. We are committed to serving fresh fruits and vegetables each day and plan meals that teach, by example, good nutrition to the children. All snacks provided by the preschool are in accordance with the nutritional requirements set by the State of California and the United States Department of Agriculture. We will often involve the children in the preparation of snacks as it provides an opportunity for discussion on health and nutrition.


Each classroom has rest-time generally beginning at 12:30 PM. Some children sleep during this time, others do not. Our day is long, noisy and busy. We find all children benefit from a quiet restful break in the day.