Teddy Bears – Two-Three Year-Olds

Honey Bear Child Care Center Home Pic

The curriculum in the Teddy Bears is based on accepted current early childhood education theory and methodology. It is organized around the basic tenet that children learn first about themselves, their close environments and their families, and then build upon that learning to expand their horizons according to interests and experiential opportunities. The curriculum throughout the center focuses on the developmental needs of the whole child – emphasizing the integration of cognitive, physical and social/emotional development. In the Teddy Bears curriculum themes are designed to include opportunities for children to develop these areas through small and large group activities, self-selected and self-directed independent activities, teacher-initiated activities, time indoors and outdoors, quiet times and active times.

The variety of activities and materials used in the Teddy Bears allows children to explore their environment through their senses. To encourage the development of the whole child, Teddy Bears teachers select developmentally- or age-appropriate activities from seven main areas of concentration – language arts and early literacy skills, fine motor, large motor, sensory experiences, science and pre-math, self-care and early learning skills. The activities involves thinking, muscle coordination, imagination and problem solving skills which form in the building blocks laid in preparation for formal education and higher reasoning used later in life.