Finding a Preschool Which Places a Premium on Imagination Play

“Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.”

That’s what Albert Einstein thought and said. And if you observe children in an enriched preschool play environment you will discover and agree that play and imagination are the gateways to learning and knowledge. Imagination play enriches the learning experience and will continue to add value to your children’s lives long after preschool.

When young children in play in preschool, they “work” to find the right words to describe and enhance their imaginative world. To become masters of their universe they need to play. Words, actions, toys, come together and integrate knowledge in the higher cortical levels of their maturing and growing brain.

Toys and play are the tools a young child uses to create their vivid imaginative world. Toys can be something so simple as a spoon and an open patch of dirt, or they can be a complex as Thomas the Tank with all his tracks and buildings and characters. In a preschool with an enriched environment, you should see engaged children playing and creating.

The key to a successful day in preschool is the child’s ability to practice using their imagination; whether it be with building blocks, interactive play with other children or just talking and playing with their teacher.

Here are a couple ways preschool play acting is used during imagination play:

  • Children play in preschool at being mommy, or daddy, or even being their favorite pet.
  • Children play at reading, and they play at cooking. In fact just about any activity they see adults doing – a child somewhere is pretending to do it.

Play is the first step toward mastery of the particular activity and it is through play that the child can “imagine” really doing it. Play is a preparation for the real thing.

So when you visit a prospective preschool make sure to check out opportunities they offer for your child to play in preschool. You should be looking for the balance between structure and “free” time when a child can let loose and let their imagination go wild. And always make sure to participate in your child’s imaginative world when he or she invites you. A little will go a long way to keep the imagination play juices flowing!

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