Let Your imagination Soar with Preschool Art Activities

Public schools’ funding for the arts has been decimated in recent decades; something to consider when choosing preschools.

Preschool art activities allow students to explore the world with all their senses and their imagination. We encourage you to take some time to research prospective school’s daily activities and assure yourself that preschool art activities, such as music and painting, are included as part of their preschool curriculum. Later, when choosing an elementary school to ask yourself: Does the school value art and music? Is the art program required or just an add on?

At Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center we engage students with the arts including crafts, painting, music and more on a daily basis. Parents can even see their children’s creations when we send photos via our app – Tadpoles.

Art and music, like siblings, are life-long companions which give meaning to lives and solace to spirits in times of trouble and distress. We urge parents to encourage art and music projects at home, especially when times get tough.

Recently jazz legend Herbie Hancock stated that the decimation of funding for the arts in public schools was a “national disgrace”. Here in San Diego, at the National Jazz Education Network Conference he made the case for music and the arts, “Can you even imagine our existence without the arts?” No less a luminary, Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more more important than knowledge.” Well, if it is good enough for the brilliant Albert Einstein (who studied violin his whole life) and good enough for the talented Herbie Hancock, it’s good enough for Honey Bear Preschool & Childcare Center.

Let’s make the world a more beautiful place for our children by providing them with art and music.

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