Play at Preschool is Important

Why Should Three and Four Year Olds Play at Preschool?

When you are looking to find the best preschool for your child and yourself – that is the preschool which best fits your beliefs about what a preschool should emphasize during the school day – you like many parents are obviously going to be concerned about your child’s future prospect which we all know is linked to their education achievement levels. So it is tempting to seek a preschool which places a heavy emphasis on sitting in class and learning to read. Play at Preschool, however, is far more important. In play your children learn to: line up, wait their turn, play at reading, play at working, play at being mommy or daddy, plus all the fine and gross motor skills which are so important for elementary school success.

Striking a Balance Between Play at Preschool and Academics

At Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care we have struck a balance between play and academics which we think is just right. We believe this because our students who spend ages three and four in our classes get to play A LOT. We have four separate and developmentally play areas and our children are playing through the day. In play they are learning to use scooters and bikes, they are learning to build in our sand box. They are learning about plants and responsibility in our gardening centers and they are learning to get along with each other by learning to share and think about each other’s feelings.

Listen for Sounds of Laughter

So, when you are looking for a preschool, look for one where you hear the sounds of laughter and where children’s voices are happy. Then you will know you have found the right preschool for your three or four year old child. And yes, always ask about reading and pre reading and what the school formally teaches.

For more about play – written by a “professional” please review this article in the New Yor Times

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