Music Activities for Kids

Music Activities for Kids

A good daycare for a three-year-old or a younger or older child can easily be made better for your child by playing music during the day. So if the day care you are using does not offer music activities, gently suggest that they do. Even when you come to the day care pick up or drop off your child your experience will be enhanced because you will hear great melodies and orchestrated music. For older children in daycare – ages three or four or five, it is more fun for them because they are learning to sing and sometimes even dance. Your children in pre-k classes and younger preschoolers almost always enjoy listening to music. And now there is a lot of research to support music at daycare. Studies show those children who regularly listen to music:

  • Learn to read better
  • Are more coordinated
  • Concentrate better, and cooperation
  • And will do better in math and science

Music Activities You Can Do

So, on the way home from daycare, play some classical music in your car. But to continue with the research; second-graders in one study, who learned music keyboard skills scored better on math achievement tests than students who did math alone. Teens in music programs score higher on college boards than those who do not. So when you are choosing activities for your three or four-year-old child, remember to consider music. When you are deciding upon a preschool or child care center – remember to ask about music, singing and even dancing.

Music Activities at Honey Bear

At Honey Bear Preschool and Day Care Center we have over three hundred CD’s of music from which the teachers can choose to play a variety of music activities from singing and dance to soothing music to help our active three and four years olds settle down for some quiet time. If you come to visit you will also hear music being played by teachers during outdoor activities.

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