Kids Health: Getting fat (and diabetes) the AMERICAN way


Should your Toddler eat YOPLAIT?

Pretest: Which has more sugar YOPLAIT ORIGINAL OR COKE?<!–more–>

What do I mean? What exactly is the AMERICAN way of getting fat? And I might add in picking up diabetes too. It means, being on a diet and/or eating healthy and taking at face value the marketing on food packages. For example, let’s look at a “healthy” food to explain what I mean. And what could be healthier than yogurt? It’s low in “fat”. It’s made from milk too. That fact of “low fat” is splashed all over the various healthy yogurt snacks we see in the grocery store. And we all know that milk is good for you and your kids health.

Do the Math

First let’s learn this simple math formula. 16 grams of sugar = four teaspoons of sugar. Or simpler yet, four grams of sugar = one teaspoon of sugar. Or so I read on the internet. You can check yourself.

A Yoplait Original has six ounces of contents. It has 27 grams of sugar. Or about 6.75 teaspoons of sugar. Remember the four to one ratio above. You can check my facts here:

In Conclusion

No one really knows what that means. So to put it in perspective: A 12 ounce can nasty and bad bad bad for you Coke has thirty-five grams of sugar. So, if I am doing my math correctly (always a challenge) it seems to me that a “healthy” Yoplait original has almost the same amount of sugar, ounce for ounce that is, as a coke. Or maybe it has more sugar ounce per ounce than a COKE? Could that be possible?

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