Reading Aloud To Your Preschool Children

Literacy studies indicate that children are reading less and less. However there are some groups of children that continue to read as much as in previous generations. Reading aloud is the one element that makes a difference. If a child has been read aloud to during formative years of preschool and grade school, studies show that they will continue reading and have better comprehension of what they are reading.

Scholastic Publishing, on of the largest children’s book publishers in the world has something for everyone –

They produce and publish thousands of books each year and whether your child is in preschool or beyond, save the above link because it will be useful as your preschool child grows up.

At Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center we have been aware of these findings for many years, so reading aloud to students is part of our preschool curriculum.  We read aloud to our preschool students and even our younger toddlers on a regular basis.  Reading aloud also provides a special bonding period between parent and child.  We encourage you as parents, to read aloud to your children as often as possible and hope you continue even after your child has graduated from Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center.  Reading aloud to children who can already read continues to shower benefits on them by allowing them to learn words at a level far beyond their reading skill level.  

An organization your child may benefit from is LitWorld @ This is a nonprofit group specifically with a mission to encourage reading. They have LitClubs and LitCamps that provide students with productive and engaging literacy experiences when they are not in school.

Remember, reading to last a lifetime should be a fun and enjoyable activity for you and your child as together you enjoy the world of fantasy, imagination and even science!

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