Reading Aloud Makes for Good Readers

At Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center we do lots of things to encourage their minds to grow AND imaginations to soar. From art, to singing, to make believe and pretend games to running and playing in our well stocked outside play area, they are never at a loss of what to do and all the while we are encouraging and talking and helping them to learn through play. But one of our favorite activities at Honey Bear Preschool is STORYTELLING or Reading Aloud.

We tell stories to all our students all the time and we also like to read stories to them.

Today, as I was walking through school with a lovely high school volunteer and I saw story telling in action. Two of our teachers, Miss Bea and Miss Irma, had the students sitting in a semi-circle outside their Honey Bear classroom. All were paying rapt attention. Miss Bea was reading “The Hungry Caterpillar” aloud to the children. Well besides reading the story, Miss B had all the students interacting with her, looking at the pictures and just having a great time reading together and talking together as she turned the pages of this timeless classic.

Story telling happens at Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care daily. So, if you child comes home talking about a caterpillar or some other cute idea, it just might have come from a story that they were “reading” in class. And, it turns out, that reading aloud and how much a child is “read to” is a big predictor of how much they will read later. So, we read a lot to your children and you should too.

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