Education: It’s a Family Affair


Remember the bumper stickers, “It takes a village…”? This was apparently a sage reference to the education of a child. It takes a village to educate a
child…..References were made to third world villages where the entire community took responsibility for the education of all their children. I have no problem with that. But you have to wonder…they are third world villages and not exactly Shang Gri La… who would want their children “educated” by a village. It’s not much of a system. I would suggest that not only are you as parents ultimately responsible for teaching your infants and preschoolers but even as they go on to elementary school, high school, and even college, their education will be primarily directed by you.

It Takes a Village?

The “It takes a Village” phrase always struck me as a bit odd as we do not have villages in the United States. We have condominiums, we have the internet, we have the suburbs, but where is the “village”? There is not one. None. So perhaps the “It takes a village” education reform movement just kind of petered out only to be remembered when we see the aged, yellowed bumper stickers on gas guzzling minivans from yesteryear. In terms of advice, I can only respond to the abandonment of the “It takes a Village” cliché with another tried and true cliché – “Good riddance to bad rubbish”! Your preschooler’s education will be paid for by you and directed by you parents.

Family Education?

How about this as an alternative: “Education: It’s a Family Affair”. Your infants and toddlers are alive because of you. They attend preschool because of you. They thrive because of you, they learn because of you….and just look around …..there is no village. If you are lucky grandma and grandpa are taking care of your preschoolers. Because at the end of the day your child’s education will be their reflexive response to you, your values and your efforts….not school, not common core….not your elementary school test scores but you….what you have done, what you are doing and how you make learning relevant to your child. Education reform goes nowhere without parental concern for their children.

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