It’s a Family Affair

(Reading That Is)

Talking about your child’s education? Well, talk to your family first. No matter how large or how small the family and regardless of what you read or see in the news and social media – Education is a family affair. And nothing is more important for literacy than reading aloud to your child.

Just Do It

No matter what the age….read to your child. Read to your infant… to your toddler….read to your preschooler ages 3, 4, or five. The research is overwhelming. So much so that last year the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement: pediatric care needs to include advice on literacy, starting at birth. In our experience here at Honey Bear Preschool where we read aloud every day, for almost fifty years now, we see the benefits. 95% of our students are literate BEFORE they attend kindergarten. Preschoolers love our read aloud times. And our teachers love it too. Picture books of course are the best. We do what you would do at home to prepare your child for joy in reading and learning. And believe it or not, if you can do the same at home your child will benefit for a lifetime.

It’s A Family Affair

Your pediatrician should be advising you about how important it is to read to even very young children. The policy statement detailed the connection between growing up with books and reading aloud, and later language development and school success. So, as we have been saying all along: Education is a FAMILY AFFAIR. If you are seeking some suggestions for books to read aloud, please ask your preschool teacher for some ideas when you pick up your child.

Connecting the Dots

Stay tuned for our next blog post: Connecting the dots – what we know about the developing brain and reading aloud. Preschoolers who were exposed to more books and home reading had a lot more activity in the areas of the brain that process visual association.

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