Welcome to Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare Center

Honey Bear Child Care Center Home Pic

Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare Center is a transformative experience for preschoolers up to the age of 5 or pre-K. If you visit and you will notice highly engaged children and teachers in each classroom combining learning, social development and play. Children benefit from high quality programs which utilize positive reinforcement, positive discipline, and multi-sensory activities. Your child will learn to read and do math as they move through our programs and we are proud to announce that our students are reading above grade level in grade one.

Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center teaches in a positive, welcoming atmosphere and in such a fashion that your children will actively look forward to attending each day. From play, to snack and early reading; it’s all fun and engaging.

Founded in 1967, as a consequence of a Masters Degree thesis by Rose Sassaran, we have been happily serving families in San Diego from the same quiet neighborhood near the Point Loma YMCA where our preschoolers take swim lessons for almost fifty years. Being close to Dusty Rhodes Park, Ocean Beach and Sea World makes field trips easy and enjoyable for our children and parents who are welcome to attend. We visit the Point Loma Slough, museums and even the San Diego Junior Theatre.

Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center has three sizable buildings with 8 classrooms for students ranging from infants through 5-year-olds and play yards with many play centers to explore. We have wonderful, child-centered teachers who love to engage with the children, help them learn and revel in their play. We also offer yoga classes, music, movement and summertime swim lessons.

We are a family run and owned preschool organization established almost 50 years ago. The programs are constantly upgraded following the latest research on infant and child development. Our campus is used as an exemplary program observation site for college child development students, early childhood educators, and professional organizations.


Parents are welcome to visit anytime!

Research supports that a fundamental element of a quality Early Childhood program is parent involvement and participation. Parents are encouraged to visit their children during the day, participate in classroom activities, attend school functions and help on field trips. The parents participation in the center will indeed broaden our program to benefit each child.